Friday, August 29, 2008

I have been checking it out and it is tempting. Reliv. A little pricey but it seems very legitamate. Anyone ever try this stuff/?? I am trying to decide if I should try a classic suppliment or just go straight for the weight loss stuff. If anyone has any experience let me know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Crazy weekend.

Our friends Josh and Jalee and their kiddos all came to see us from ST. George. Wow they must love us to come that far just for us. We had a blast.
Syd finally found a prince phillipe who would kiss her and wake her up. He even carried a sword everywhere he went.
We love the Scotts.
Rowyn didn't know what to think of all this excitement.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so similar

I was looking at pictures of Sydney when she was Rowyn's age and I think they look a lot alike. It will be interesting to see as Rowyn grows how similar they will be. These are some of my favorite pictures when Sydney was a baby. See if you can tell which one is Syd and Row.

Monday, August 18, 2008

new pics

Thanks to everyone (Monica and Jen) for the great advice. I am on my way to healthier eating and taking on the Treadmill 4 times a week. Has anyone ever heard of ReLiv??? My mom might get me some so I think I will try it. Thanks for the tips on eating Monica. I am looking forward to a yummy smoothie every morning. It has to be better than eating dry cereal at work. I can make it and take it with me. So hurray. My amazing friend and her family are coming all the way from St. George just to see us this week. We are going to do all the fun stuff in PA. First we are going to go gawk at the amish. It's one of my favorite things to do. They are so intrigueing. Plus sometimes the uber religious group will have a rebel boy who will flip you off if you try to take his picture. lol. They have beautiful homes and make the most amazing food. We go to the buffet and eat until we can't eat anymore.....then we have homemade ice cream. Then after that we will try to go to either Gettysburg or Washington DC. Both are amazing to behold.

Here are the latest pics. Mark's aunt Lori came to visit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So now the baby is here I need to get back into a workout routine. I have no ambition. Does anyone have any ideas. I have pilates that I love but I just can't find the time to do it. So I have a few options. I have a treadmill and a total body workout machine. Niether really are tempting to me. I'd rather make chocolate chip cookies with Sydney. I guess that is why I need to workout in the first place. So I am calling out to all of you for ideas for fun or effective workouts you have found. Especially one condusive to 2 kiddos and a fulltime job. Oh and good diets. I could use some good tips on healthy eating. Monica.......your the me. Ok.

I took Rowyn to the Dr. today and she is 12lbs. Holy man. She is a cute pudge. I love how she sinks into her fat wrinkles like a wrinkle pup. I call her Roby Doby, which Sydney has interpreted as Doe Doe. I love kids. I love eternal families. I love this smily stage.

I will post pics soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


A Doula.....

I have decided to go through the process of getting certified to be a birthing coach, or Doula. I am so excited. One of my dearest friends, and personal Doula Kirsten, inspired me. My Midwife, when I had Rowyn, told me that I was made to do this. (have babies) She said I make it look easy. So... I have decided to help those who want to do it natural but are afraid. There are so many little tips that make having a baby easier, that women just don't know. I want to help women to acheive a less painful more fulfilling Birth. It can be so beautiful. Some women have these horrible horrible experiences, but it can be so wonderful too. Out here in Amish country they have midwives that you can certify with. they take you to their home births and it is just amazing what these women do. So anyone having a baby??? I can get my hours in by participating or just witnessing a birth. Hurray. I think it is amazing to be there when a baby takes it's first breath. Or when parents see the baby for the first time. Closest thing to heaven.