Monday, September 28, 2009


Our first few days of preschool have been fun. Sydney really loves having something fun to look forward to. She has enjoyed learning and is a very fast learner. She is only one of 2 girls...she has been complaining a bit about a boy who doesn't share and is a little too aggressive. Oh well, We can't shelter her forever. We have been trying to teach her to talk to the teacher and tell her her feelings. I think it is good prepareation for school and not being afraid to stand up to rude kids. Any suggestions?? All is good and extremely wet in PA this month. 90% humidity and thunder storms every day this week. My hair is crazy from all of this humidity. Half of it decided it wants to be curly while the other half is limp and lifeless. needless to say we are all wearing ponytails at our house. Life is good and all is well.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Worked my tushie off this past week pulled of a super sweet baby shower for a friend here at work. I started by making some Mashmallow fondant and making the baby butt first...then the next day I made the cake. It was a super yummy quadruple chocolate ding dong cake. It was so so so so yummy....but.... the super gooey chocolate ganache that I put on as Icing didn't like the white fondant that I tried to put on the top. I learned a special lesson that day. Fondant doesn't go over gooey iceings, only greasy butter creams. So I went to the store and bought a pre-made sheet cake and put my little baby on top. Here is the final results. Still so cute but not all homemade. I am now focusing on makeing a really good cake. I think I will then focus on makeing it cute. Good lessons. The best part....we got to eat the super yummy quadruple chocolate ding dong cake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. No losses here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We miss the horses.

Not much new. Life has been throwing us some obstacles. Mark did not get the job we were hoping for in Cedar City...but our home needs a lot of work before we will be able to sell it and we feel that perhaps the Lord has given us this time to prepare. In the mean time we are having Yard Sales to get rid of excess and are taking on big projects....even painting the house... we will see if that happens before it gets to cold.

Life is good though. Mark's back is beginning to feel better and the house is recovering from the hurricane Rowyn that hits it on a daily basis. Sydney is wonderful as usual and Life Moves On.
Hurricane Rowyn moves in on a few unsuspecting ducks.