Friday, October 23, 2009

heart broken

I don't know if many of you know Abby Davis Maile. She and Mark grew up together in State College PA. She later went to Ricks and then married Naki who played Football for BYU. They eventually moved to Utah, and live in Orem. They have 6 of the most vivacious and beautiful Girls I have ever seen. I randomly got to know Abby when she saw my blog and inquired if I was Mark Houser's Wife. She is a very sweet sincerely wonderful mom and woman.....that is why I am so heart broken for her right now. Abby's husband Naki passed away very unexpectedly last friday. I am sorry to her and her beautiful family. At these times I realize the greatest gift God can give us is the chance to seal on earth what can be forever in heaven. Eternal Families are the most important thing in this life. Our family sends our love to the Maile family. Abby's blog is in with my links. Please go and they have a site set up for those who want to donate or just send them their prayers and love.

We will forever keep you in our prayers Abby and girls.

broken hearted.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

made my day

This conversation made my day today.

Sydney: Hi Mom I missed you

Me: Hey baby, what did you learn in preschool.

Sydney: Oh Oh Oh we learned about Dinosaurs and how they all died because they stinked.

Me: Cause they what??

Sydney: Cause they xstinked.

Me: lol lol lol lol. That is so awesome. yes the dinosaurs are Extinct.

I love you Sydney. Thanks for making my day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nothing new

I wish I had something exciting to post. Our lives tend to be slow lately. Sydney is growing up. whimper whimper. I know they have to grow up but boy it is hard letting them. She has brought me so much joy. What a blessing she is. Rowyn is wonderful too but she is a hurricane...always moving and fun and lovable. The two of them are still adjusting and getting to know each other. I think in time they will be best friends.

We got Snow here last week. Snow in early Oct. isn't supposed to snow until at least Halloween. Right. Nope we got several inches of snow and sleet. It was crazy...power was out for 14 hours in some parts of PA. Sydney was so excited for the snow. I started getting ready for Christmas. I got my lights out. I love decorating for Christmas. I won't be going to UT for Christmas so I think I will go all out so I have more distractions for my homesick self. I miss Utah. Never thought I would miss Beaver so much. :)