Tuesday, November 24, 2009

love this girl

All is well at our house. We are so happy for our friends the Markhams. If you have a chance go to their link. They have been trying to adopt a baby for many years...they have shed many a tear over their losses. We are so happy that they could provide such a wonderful home to such a beautiful baby boy. Hurray for Melba and Sammie. :)

Sydney has quite the list this year....Barbie Dream House....the pink convertible and of course more Polly Pockets with a Blue car....and .....and.....and......

I don't know how many times I have said....we will see if Santa can find it. :)

Rowyn is probably going to get the short end of the stick though. She loves to play with they will probably get the same stuff or just get everything together. Maybe some clothes. Anyhoo. Life is good....and when it's gets me through.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

finally Halloween

Finally....I have pictures from Halloween. Now I am warning you....don't laugh at me. Sydney made me dress up. she begged and begged until I finally said yes. She was so happy to have the family be all Peter Pan characters. So as you can see I was Peter Pan...Sydney was Wendy...Rowyn was Tink....and Abby our little baby sitter was Tiger Lily and Last but not least Mark was Captain Hook. We all had a blast and ate tons of candy.

The pumpkins were my favorite part of Halloween this year. We really had fun doing them.

and Rowyn loves toasted Pumpkin seeds...I didn't realize how many she was eating because we were carving pumpkins....but the next day I couldn't believe how many were in her was insane. yikes. :)

We love Halloween at the Houser house.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Life is good. We made a new friend this week. Turns out that Mark has been needing some male bonding time and as friends are usually busy he has been deprived and sucked dry by our two beautiful girls. So when a new guy came to our ward that was a movie camera specialist working on the movie being filmed in this area...(Unstoppable) he jumped at the chance to make a friend with similar interests. Little did he know that Nino...(german) needed Mark just as much as he needed Nino. It has been fun watching them. Mark has been enjoying going on set once in a while and watching filming. He also got to meet a fabulous Cinemaphotographer....Zuckerman. And Nino is a great friend for Mark...I believe they will be friends for eternity.
I know the Lord is mindful of us...bringing people into our lives when we need them.

The girls are growing so fast....Rowyn is talking so much and sooo fast. :) We really can't understand 70% of it, but she keeps us laughing. Sydney is so excited for her big girl bike. Daddy put training wheels on it and she has been rideing it in the house cause it is so cold here.

Halloween was a blast...Sydney had the say in everything. She decided she wanted to be Rowyn had to be Tink....Mom Had to be Peter Pan...and Dad HAD to be Hook. It was a blast and we all got a great workout walking up and down the gynormous hills of Bellefonte, the most beautiful Victorian Town ever. Life has been very good to us. We are blessed. I will be posting pictures soon. Mark bought me a small camera to play with...His are so stinking big and complicated so I usually leave the picture taking to him....Now I have my own little camera that I can whip out whenever I want to and get pictures. Yay....that means more cute posts. :) Tell then.