Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sydney is potty trained, officially. It has finally happened. We have been working on this for months and months. She was there and then she was indifferent and then it was just wet panties all the time. But I am proud to say she is there. Knock on wood. We had a ceremony offering her small princess potty up to the potty faries coincidently on the same night the trash goes out. We said "Oh potty faries, take this my offering and bring me a treat!!" She was so cute with her arms in the air yelling at the sky. The next morning she found a bag of treats and coloring books and playdoh on the door step, from the faries. She has been going on the big potty ever since. She is so proud.
So not much else is happening. Dr. said anytime or 2-3 weeks. 1-2 centimeters dialated and 80% effaced. So it is out of my hands. Just keep us in your prayers. I am nervous this time around.
Mark taught Syder to say peace out and what's up dog. as you can see.


The Scotts said...

Oh man , I wish I could have seen your potty ceremony, makes me miss you even more.

Don't be nervous this time around. If you need me I am only 6.5 hours 2 hours to drive to the airport.

Skinner Family said...

I understand being nervous. I was with Emmalee and then I cherished every minute of the birth with Hannah. The birthing process is my favorite part of it all!

I'm glad you have a blog. Really it becomes addicting! Check us out... you will have days of reading to do!

Monica M said...

I think it is much more scary the second time around because you know what happens. Good luck. I am so jealous that little Syd is potty trained. We are doing pull-ups.