Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4th

So today was the day mom's original plane ticket was for. I feel horrible to make my poor mom come out an entire week early just because I thought I might go early. I guess we learn the hard way. Unless of course we go today. Who knows. Mom finished Syders room today. Hurray. What a project it turned out to be. I will post a picture or two soon. So anyway, no baby today so far. feeling something but who knows if it is real. We will see. The doctors are right..... no two pregnancies are alike. I can't think of anything more opposite than the two pregnancies I have been through. I wonder if the personalities of each girl will be as opposite. Can't wait to find out. Hope everyone is well. All is well here.


Skinner Family said...

From my great wisdom... your children will be total opposite! What one child did one way will be the opposite with child #2. Then when you throw #3 in... well, the invent a new way you never thought was possible! Love every minute of it!

The Scotts said...

UGGGGGHHHH! I can't stand the anticipation!!

The Scotts said...

Congrats! I can't wait for a post with pictures of the little sugarplum!!

Monica M said... Look what I found.