Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sooo much Too Much

So lately there has been a lot of buzz around our house about trying to find a job out west and moving and selling our home and it is a little too much. There is no definite on anything right now. We have some really big hopes and some really great opportunities on the horizon but I don't want to get all crazy about it yet. I feel like if I do I will go crazy. I still have the craziness of everyday life looming over me...I can't take on the craziness of thinking of moving and selling and adjusting until I know it is a definite thing. Then I will jump up and down and get all excited about it (for sure). For now, I am just mellow and working and keeping involved in the present.

I have been thinking a lot about being in plays this week. This is the week that the Utah Shakespearean Festival brings in all of its summer actors and Cedar City comes alive with acting and atomosphere. I can almost hear the sound of sets being built. I didn't realize how much I have missed that rush of being an actor and beginning something new. Maybe, someday I will get a chance to do it again. :)

Here is to high hopes for the future.


The Scotts said...

You can come be in Dixie's new summer season....

Skinner Family said...

Funny you write all that.... we talk about moving out East. Okay, more my mom does. Maybe we could just swap places?

I miss Festival too and this summer I have the chance to go for week and help train the house staff. Budget cuts and Sara Greener is having twins! So I'm going to help. It will be nice but it will also be nice to know I can still have my summer after my week there.

When are you coming to visit?

Monica M said...

Wishing you luck!