Thursday, November 12, 2009

finally Halloween

Finally....I have pictures from Halloween. Now I am warning you....don't laugh at me. Sydney made me dress up. she begged and begged until I finally said yes. She was so happy to have the family be all Peter Pan characters. So as you can see I was Peter Pan...Sydney was Wendy...Rowyn was Tink....and Abby our little baby sitter was Tiger Lily and Last but not least Mark was Captain Hook. We all had a blast and ate tons of candy.

The pumpkins were my favorite part of Halloween this year. We really had fun doing them.

and Rowyn loves toasted Pumpkin seeds...I didn't realize how many she was eating because we were carving pumpkins....but the next day I couldn't believe how many were in her was insane. yikes. :)

We love Halloween at the Houser house.


CamilleJohnFam said...

How fun that is! I love the family theme. According to my memory, we were a Peter Pan family too this year. Sam- Peter Pan, Lydia-Wendy, Rachel-a bunny Lost Boy. Lydia begs to differ and inssits that she was a queen and Rachel just a bunny! Sigh....Oh well! Fun times!