Friday, March 26, 2010

new calling

So, I haven't been getting any replies on posts these days. I'm not trying to guilt anyone....I know I do it all the time, look at someone's life and then move on to the next blog to see what all the other people in my life are doing. Besides, this blog is meant to be a journal of our life, and I shouldn't need feedback, Right? But I must admit...when I don't get comments I often think I am silly for blogging at all. So if you are out there in the big wide world...let me know your there. I love to hear from you all.
I feel a bit isolated her in PA. You see I can go a full week without seeing a fellow member of my church until I go to church....and If the kids are sick I can go a full month. That may not seem like a big deal to many of you....but I long to be around members who love the lord, who respect him, who live as though they are trying to be like him. Here, well lets just say christian doesn't stand for much to many these days.
I never thought I would miss Utah so much. I miss working, playing, shopping, camping, and just existing along side so many wonderful loving people. I didn't know it until I was so far away from it....It is a bit of a secret heaven there in Utah and other saturated Mormon Communities.

Don't get me wrong....I have an amazing ward here in Pennsylvania. So many wonderful people....but our ward covers nearly 30-40 miles of communities...and needless to say if I want a playdate for my kids...I can't walk is a bit of a drive.
I can't let my daughter out in the neighborhood because the kids have horrible manners and mouths that would make a sailor blush. Our next door neighbor has tried to teach sydney....she is only 5.....about puberty, gays, swear words, and even sex. Heaven knows how many times I have had to kick that girl out of the house. yikes.
So Yes....I miss you all, and long to know how you are. Even the little "hi" comments are so cherished. Love you all out in that abyss. :)

By the way....for journaling's sake, I got a new calling. I was released from my secretary in the RS calling to something new and a bit overwhelming. I can't say what ....but it is very intimidating and a bit nerve racking. wish me luck.


The Stanford Bunch said...

I'm here! And I miss PA a lot actually! I miss the diversity and weather changes and all of you we were just starting to get to know. Good luck on your new calling and keep blogging :)

Bekah said...

Love you, Trish. I'm always here if you ever do want to make the drive for a playdate! I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. We would love to get together any time. I'm excited to hear about your new calling!

acp08 said...

I know kind of what you mean... being in Nebraska is way different then UT/ID ect. Good luck on your new calling, I have a new one too! Surprised me... maybe we will be able to share notes and stories

Skinner Family said...

I can't wait to hear about your new calling. I mean I just got released from the same calling and I LOVE my new calling. I really need to write more about it in my blog. I understand what you mean about not getting comments when you think you might. REMEMBER we are coming to PA in a few short weeks..... NEED TO PLAY. I'll FB message you!

Ham N Cheese said...

I hear you loud and clear Trish!!! The kids have been sick the past 2 Sundays and I am feeling the lack of interaction!

Douglas Family said...

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are feeling a little isolated...I think it can be hard some times, but Harrison and Claire would love a playdate anytime you want! Also I think you are going to be super at your new calling and John is going through his ties.

Monica M said...

I wish I lived closer and we could have play dates and not worry about our kids learning bad things. I'm excited for your new calling, you will be super! Hang in there!

jaleegirl said...

I'll give you a playdate!!! In August! I'll drive 40 miles or more if I have to.