Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Job/Moving

Hey Everyone.....

Mark got a job teaching at Dixie College/University...???... He is teaching/Marketing/Recruiting. I think this is his dream job. So So So So excited. We are hopping in our car, and moving van, and we should be there a week from today. We ask all of you to keep us in your prayers as we cross this great country. Hopefully the girls will travel well. We have loved PA. I will greatly miss the wonderful friends and family in this part of the country. The ward here is absolutely amazing. I don't know that I will ever be a part of a ward that is this much a family. Thank you all for being my family & dearest of friends. I hate that I will miss so many sweet babies...blessings...baptisms...singing times....mission calls...visiting...parties...and just everything. I will miss all of my sweet primary kids. I love them so so much. :'(. But I am so anxious and happy to get to St. George and see what we can be there.

Thank Pennsylvania...for giving me the best 8 years of our lives. I am having a much harder time leaving than I thought I would.

I love you guys. Thanks to everyone who has watched my kiddos and come and painted and come and made us waffles. You are such wonderful people. I wish you all the very best.