Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost there,

Hurray!!! 3 more days till Mark comes home. wow!! I think we have watched every single corny musical made. I was getting so tired of watching Disney animation so we started singing and dancing 1950-60's cheese. Sydney loves Bing Crosby and Gene Kelly. A girl after my own heart. So I need a shower. Single parenting is insane. So power to you all who do it full time. I think you all need a metal of honor. All is well with us. :0 Yawn. Time for a nap.


Skinner Family said...

Where has Mark been? Oh I understand that single parent moments too. When I was in Cedar and Brad was in Garland for 6 weeks.... it was awful. The final week he took the girls... and then when we were all together again he kept telling me how amazing I am to be a mom and be by myself for 6 weeks! Can't wait to see photos!

Monica M said...

It is so hard being a single parent. I go insane. Hang in there, keep your sense of humor. Christian is going to NY a week from tomorrow for a week, but I think I am going down to Beaver so it will go much faster.