Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I thought I would take a sec and brag myself up a little. This Picture was taken at 3:47 am right after Rowyn was born. Labor was crazy. 10 minutes of pushing that was it. 2:30 was the first contraction and we got to the Hospital at 3:30 and she was born at 3:47. We are booking a room in advance next time. We are glad she is here. No that is something. Molly, my friend once told me they don't give awards to women who do it naturally. Oh but you get to brag about it and that is almost as good. Plus you can tell your kids how much pain you suffered to bring them into the world. And my favorite.... you get to walk into the bathroom and take a long hot shower right after you give birth. That is the gold at the end of the rainbow... oh yeah and you get the most beautiful little girl, a gift straight from heaven. I am just glad she is healthy, drugs or no drugs. If it had been longer than the hour I was in labor I don't know that I could have done it without a few shots of something. So perhaps the Lord knew that. Anyway we are glad Rowyn Quinn is here.


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I think it was me that said you don't get a medal. My DR. always says that. I am so impressed, you were meant to have babies.