Tuesday, October 14, 2008

forgotten things

i have realized over the last Months that I have not been a very good blogger. I have had some great experiences that I haven't written in. Now that my family is checking the blog I wanted to make sure I got those in.

Baby Blessing....

Yes we blessed her August 31st. She looked so beautiful in her white dress. Mark gave a beautiful yet surprisingly short (if you know Mark you know he can TALK for great lengths of time). I expected it to be a lengthy blessing. It was beautiful though. When he brought her back to me she was sopping wet. Mark had accidently unlatched her diaper so that one side was completely undone. So in the middle of the blessing....she peed all over him. Then she also spit up all over him. So both of his arms were quite wet when he handed her to me. I had to immediatly take her out and change her clothes. It was a short lived moment for the beautiful dress my mom bought for her. :(

Sydney is growing like a weed. I have some new pics I am posting. She says the cutest things. She repeats everything we say. She asks the sweetest questions and she gives her love so willingly. She is very emotional and very dramatic. She cries easily when you are repremanding her, and she laughs every other moment of the day. She loves to laugh. She sat on Marks lap the other day and said " I love you gorgeous man " which is what I call him. It made us laugh so.

We are keeping busy and the baby is growing so fast. Time flies.


Skinner Family said...

kdcunxvI know we are miles apart yet I feel like I'm right next door when I read your blog! That is so funny about the blessing moment! I love when babies are blessed! Can you believe that in 6 months I'll have one daugther getting baptized?

Monica M said...

ok I promise I am going to make that babe a blanket. I have started, but just can't get to it-dang. Congrats, she is just beautiful. Little miss Sydney is just too cute, she looks just like you.