Monday, October 20, 2008

the great pumpkin

We had a wonderful weekend. We got up early Saturday and went to Wasson's Farm where we took a hayride to a pumpkin patch. Once in the pumpkin patch we were allowed to pick whatever pumpkin we found...big or small. Sydney searched the whole patch and chose the smallest little....wait for it.......gourd. Mark chose a gynormous Green/almost Black Pumpkin. And I chose a pumpkin for Rowyn. We got woopie pies, amish yummieness, and apple butter. I lost Sydney in the Corn Maze because I was Carrying Rowyn and couldn't keep up with her. She is fast, And Boy I am out of shape. I will post pictures as I get them from the photographer. He is super uber uber busy right now. Weddings and Senior portraits really keep us busy during the fall. I love his fall weddings though. They are so beautiful. The colors are gorgeous.

Well that was our weekend. Lots going on but still time to play and be together as a family. Blessings are abundant. I love life.

Happy Halloween.

Oh yeah....I was going to post about costumes.
Rowyn is going to be a Pumpkin...very original...Syd is going to be one of 3 things. 1. Cinderella (with a little pumkin named Rowyn) 2. Little Mermaid 3.Tinkerbell
Mark's Mom loves to buy Syd costumes for dress up so she has so many to choose from. I will let you know. and lots of pictures are to come. :)


The Scotts said...

Jealous! Can I come fly out there and see the fall?