Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

This weekend is my little Syd's Birthday. She will be 4. Oh how those 4 years flew. Some of my favorite things about Sydney are...

1. She is a singer...everywhere she goes she is singing. She loves to just sing about things. Now she is in primary she is getting to know actual tunes rather than just making them up. Her favs are I love to see the temple and I am a child of God.

2. She loves to dance... she dances like a soccer player. Her body jerks in different directions and she runs and falls down a lot. She really gets me laughing.

3. She likes to put on plays. She acts out situations with dance and expessions, I think this one makes me laugh the most because she is so very expressive. She is so so so dramatic.

4. She has so much love. She can't let anyone leave our home with out a hug and kiss if not 3 or 4. She is very sensitive with her loveing.

5. She is very spiritual. She will say a prayer at the drop of a hat. There have been times where she almost creeps me out because she will talk about the darkness and how she prayed and Jesus came and chased the darkness away. She is very close to our father in heaven and our Savior her faith and innocence really inspire me to be closer to them as well.

6. She is a great big sister. Rowyn insists on being right beside her and she loves it. She can't wait till Rowyn can dance too.

7. Words. Like her mommy she loves to make up words if she doesn't know the right one for the job. Privacy is Priceavey. Button them is Buttom um.

8. she is a princess. She loves dressing up as a princess. Many people call her their little princess. She loves that.

9. She captures the heart of every man in the remote area. She has Mark's young men wrapped around her fingers. Of course Mark would do anything for her. And many other neighbors and friends just love her.

10. She calms me when I am sad. Whenever I am having a hard day she is right by my side. she even says, "Mommy lets watch that movie with music and dancing and Mr. Darcy," Now that is a girl who knows how to cheer me up. She will sit through the entire movie of Pride and Prejudice with me. She is her mamma's girl.


Skinner Family said...

Happy Birthday! What fun things you shared with us! Thanks

Monica M said...

Awesome that she will watch Pride and Prejudice. She is soo darling.

The Scotts said...

Happy birthday Sydder-Roo!!!

She does captivate the men-folk, though, doesn't she?

Bekah said...

She really is so beautiful, and such a special girl! I would love to do a play-date sometime!

Melissa said...

Happy late Birthday! You are so beautiful and fun. We really miss you!