Monday, January 5, 2009


Prize-a-fee. Sydney, in all her curiosity has been observing dad sans clothes whenever she can. She walks in on him going potty or getting out of the shower. He usually shrieks and says TRRRRRRIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!! So now we have told her over and over that daddies are different than mommies and they need their privacy. So now when she needs to go potty we aren't allowed in cause she needs her Prize-a-fee. We love it. She is great at giving Mark his privacy as well.

26. This is the magic number of people my mother-in law tried to squeeze into her home every stinking day of the holidays. The first day I was afraid to put my baby down for fear she would be stepped on or sat on. 2nd that many people belong in a very large space not a 2 bedroom home with a kitchen the size of an outhouse and dinning room that you have to "suck it in" when walking around the table. needless to say we passed up many a family bonding experience due to claustrophobia. I love family....but I love to visit on a one on one basis.

New calling....Relief society Secretary. I am enjoying being with the adults after 5 years in primary. I do catch myself talking to the sisters as if they are 7 years old. I am working on that. I am sure they don't appreciate it. hee hee. Oh well...that is what happens when you are with children 24-7.

relieved that the holidays are over....I am ready to begin my wonderful new year and work on all of those resolutions. :)


Skinner Family said...

Hey that is my calling too. I've been doing it for over 1 year now. I love it too. Remember that you are not just a secretary. It is an important calling and the presidency can not function without you!