Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DAD biggest fear, living so far away from my parents, is that something will happen and I won't be able to get there fast enough or I won't be able to do anything to help. So when I recieved a call that my Dad had been taken to Cedar for emergency surgery, I just crumbled. I love my dad. We have one of those great relationships where I was practically his shadow growing up. He is such an inspiration to me. Well... He is ok. He strained his body so much working in the yard that he tore a hole in his retina. They were able to save his eyesight....if all goes well. They had to weld it back together with a laser. Crazy stuff. I am so happy that he will be able to "see" my daughter when we go in August. He has never seen Rowyn yet. Not in real life anyway. So I am thankful today for the blessing of sight and all of our senses that we have been blessed with.

Love you dad.


Bekah said...

Oh, Trish, I'm so sorry! I'm glad he's okay! We really do need to get together. I'm loving the BBQ idea. We think you guys are great. Let's make a plan!

Skinner Family said...

totally know how you feel..... Maybe when you come in August we can hook up and see you too!

I don't see us back in PA until summer when Mackenzie gets married.... and yes, I know I haven't called yet!

jen said...

Trisha, I'm glad your dad i ok. I know he will be super happy to see you. You probably feel like August can't get here soon enough.

Monica M said...

dang-we've been out of town. I hope your dad recovers.