Monday, April 6, 2009

I love this girl. :)

Saturday and Sunday were wonderful days at the Houser House. We are doing some renovations to the Bathroom and Windows. The windows especially since the big wind storm we had blew one of our upstairs windows out. The baby's room was quite chilly and we were alarmed to se the window completely shattered. So now Rowyn has a Cardboard window till we can get it replaced. Silly weather. Everything else is good though. Mark is working hard to get this place in order.

My favorite thing about the weekend though...was Sydney and her enthusiam for Conference. She sat so reverently doing her coloring and or painting, then when the prophet spoke she would shout things out like, "Thats our Prophet" or, "He said Jesus Loves us" and "He is a great Man, he is my prophet." It was such a faith building experience for our family to see her excitement for the gospel and our Prophet. She listened and would repeat things as the speakers said them. It kept me alert too, as I am known to sleep through a few talks here and there. She didn't even fall asleep during any of the sessions. What a wonderful weekend. Sometimes I wish every Sunday could be Conference.