Friday, June 12, 2009

New new new. I love having new stuff to share. We are well. Mark has an interview in CA on the we will see. It is out of our hands at this point. Rowyn had her First Birthday and we all had a blast. And Sydney is getting to be such a big girl and getting ready for Pre-school.

getting big

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Celebration in Boalsburg, Home of the very first Memorial Celebration. They have a really cool reinactment of a civil war battle. Costumes/and cannons and all. The kids love it.

She loves her Daddy.

cake anyone. Rowyn wasn't sure about Sydney gettting that close to her cake. That is Sydney's Finger about to swipe a bit of Rowyn's Icing. LOL


Bekah said...

Your girls really are so beautiful. Sydney sat on my lap and cuddled me during sharing time on Sunday and I was in HEAVEN! She is such a doll. While I'm happy you're moving out west, I would prefer it be in a couple more years when we move out west! :) Best of luck to Mark with his interview!

The Scotts said...

Man, I wish I could've come to celebrate! And eat cake!

Man, I miss you!

I should just fly out with Lelah one week and leave Josh with the kids. Only the kids would KILL me! They keep asking when we are going back to PA!

Monica M said...

Love the piggie cake-I can't believe she is one!