Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey all,

We are doing well. Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Life is just busy. Mark loves his new job, I love being at home with the girls, Sydney LOVES her new school and teacher, Rowyn doesn't love potty training... and we all love the weather. So needless to say we love St. George. The girls are growing so much. We have a house...we are painting and patching and fixing and building. But soon it will be a wonderful place.

Sydney had her 6th birthday. I can't say how amazing she has been. I am forever grateful to the Lord for bringing this wonderful spirit into my life. She brings joy beyond description. She has this lovely smile that just lights up the room. She grasps the spirit and the theory of reverence for our Savior that just warms my heart. I love this sweet girl so much, and now she is 6 oh let these young years last as long as possible. I pondered the other day what I was doing at this moment exactly 6 years ago. I had no idea what lay ahead. I had no idea how amazing she would be ( i had hoped but never knew how great it could be). My favorite thing about Sydney is that she is a wonderful little missionary. She touches people with her testimony. What a future lies ahead for us. :) I am truly blessed.


jen said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying st. george. Aren't you glad you're missing out on that huge storm in PA?

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