Tuesday, March 15, 2011

love love love this weather

Life is good. We are loving this St. George spring weather. We put in our garden a few weeks ago. It is like being pregnant...(which I am not) it takes forever and the waiting is killing me. My sweet dad came down and tilled and Mark helped plant the garden. It is beautiful. Now I just hope I don't kill it along with the grubs and the birds. The birds liked my beans. grrrrrrr!!! I think I have to replant them.

The girls love this weather too. While I was gardening they made a lake of mud and wallowed in it like piggies. I had to spray them down and make them strip down before entering the house. LOL! They were a sight.

My awesome Mom came and help us get started on our painting project. We painted the kitchen, living room and hallway. It looks so great. This old house is getting a facelift (thank goodness)

Well Sydney had a birthday, and she didn't get the amazing party she wanted because we were all sick for a bit. But she did get an awesome Rapunzel cake. I will post pics next time. Taking them is easy...getting Mark to download the pictures off his camera....not so easy. :)

Miss you all in PA. Hope all is well.


Bekah said...

SOOOOOOOO jealous of that spring weather! Glad you are well! Miss you lots!

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gusDon said...
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gusDon said...

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