Monday, October 6, 2008


I was tagged by Jalee. This is my first tag. So bear with me. It is to tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you and then Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them . Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

Yikes. I have a few doozies!!!

1. I am a picker. I know I know ewwww gross. If my husband or I have a pimple..... I have to pick it. It drives me nuts not to get the ugly thing. I think this is my worst quirk so breath easy the rest are more mild.

2. I love to run my fingers through my hair. I do it all the time. I had to stop lately though because after I had the baby my hair started falling out. Naturally. But when I run my fingers through it it started coming out in large masses. So I try not to touch my head.

3. I have a terrible habit of not knowing the right word for the right meaning, so I tend to make up a word that sounds close to the word I am trying to think of. For example...... I might say succinctly rather that sequential. Or turbid rather timid. Or eccentric rather than intrinsic. I have a hard time saying what is in my head. it is like my lips don't connect to the mother board. oh well. Those who love me understand me. That is all that matters.

4. I love sweets but I try to hide that I eat them. I will get a candy bar here at work and hide it and take nibbles of it. Even if there is no one around. Goofy. I try to do the same at home. Sydney always catches me and says me too me too. I look like a binger sometimes cause I will shove a whole cookie in my mouth and chew it up fast so no one will see me eat it. I am sure there is some phyco-analytical term for my quirk....but I don't really care. To me it is just an insecure quirk.

By the way....this is harder than it sounds. Naming all of the things that can embarrass you takes some guts.

5. I love to kiss babies. my babies, and sometimes nieces and nephews, and even an occasional close friends baby. I hold them and just kiss their little heads over and over and over. I breath in their little baby smell and it is like I am in a kissing trance. Baby lotion makes this quirk even worse. I just have to kiss them. mmmmmm I love kissing baby heads.....and cheeks.....and fingers....and toes. I love it.

6. Last of all. I talk to myself. I think I get lonely for decent conversation when Mark and I are so busy. I just end up having full out conversations with myself. I don't neccessarily answer back.... I just need to hear what I am thinking out loud.. Sydney asks me what I am doing all the time. And I just say...Mommy needs to hear how she is doing. lol. She says ok. Then she asks how I am. I give her a great big hug and tell her I am doing wonderful. Then she and I talk for a long time. Kids are wonderful.

Oh I almost forgot....when I was younger I used to walk around with my head slightly tilted to the side. I later found out I had a spinal condition and it takes a few visits to the chiropractor but I don't walk like I forgot my V8 anymore :)


Skinner Family said...

I'll work on this. It maybe another great addition to "My Top 4...and change it to 6..." This will be hard!

The Scotts said...

I adore you! You know, my mom's hairdresser used to tell me repeatedly to hold my head straight while cutting my hair. One day when I was finished, she told me, "If anyone says your haircut is crooked, you just tell them 'No, my head's just not straight'."

P.S. I seem far more gross than you, just based on quirks. thanks for being friends with a sick-o!

Bekah said...

Hey Trish!

I saw your blog link on the Dean's and couldn't help myself! Now that you're in RS and I'm in primary and we don't meet in the nursing lounge I never see you! It would be fun to get our kids together (and us!) sometime...especially considering that Chase and Rowyn are betrothed and might want to get to know one another! :)

Bekah Goldie

Dean Family said...

Oh how sweet you are. I loved reading all those things about you. I love your blog, the pictures, ok I just love everything about you!