Tuesday, November 25, 2008

month of Birthdays

Today I am wishing a Happy Birthday to the hottest man alive. My husband.
Mark and I have known each other since 1995. These have been the best 13 years of my life. He has graced my life and made me so very happy. We have been married for 10 of those 13 and we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in Dec.
If you know Mark you know he is crazy fun. He always wishes everyone a Merry Christmas no matter what month it is.
He is an amazing photographer and I cherish every picture he takes (except the the ones when he catches me eating or pulling a wierd face). He is the best dad ever and I is more like the Mom at our house. He keeps us all together. Time has flown as we have 2 girls now and he is even more handsome than the day I met him.
We have been Fencing together lately and that has been fun. We are both on the Penn State Fencing Group. He is actually very good and kicks my butt very often. I am working on getting better so I can redeem myself.
Mark is going to be 33 and looks 25. Go figure.
He has 3 different books that he is writing and is always jotting things down in his journals. He has at least 5 current Journals.
His latest passion is Fencing. He is amazing at it. I love to brag him up. He is a wonderful Man and I just wanted to wish him the best birthday ever. I love you babe.


Bekah said...

Wow, you guys are awesome! Fencing?! That's so cool! Happy Birthday, Mark!

Skinner Family said...

Have a happy birthday!

The Scotts said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Marklar

acp08 said...

So true... merry christmas comes everyday! Hope he had a good birthday!