Thursday, November 13, 2008

picture overload...

I downloaded over 100 pictures today from Mark's archives and I would love to post every last one of them. but for the sake of time, which I have so little of lately...I will post the most recent ones. Halloween.

Sydney got to go two different nights the first night she was Cinderella. The second she was little Mermaid. She and Morgan ran around for hours And then little timid Sammy needed a hand for extra courage to go up to the houses and say trick or treat. Syd practically dragged her everywhere. :)
This is a picture of Rowyn in her blessing dress. She is so so so strong. she holds herself up and Loves to sit up. She has really found her smile.

This is our most recent family picture. lol. Mark wasn't very happy with it (perfectionist) He won't put it on the wall if he isn't happy with it. I like it because the day was so much fun. we went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumkins and went for a hay ride. rowyn got cold but sydney had a blast. she even got to cuddle up with Benny.
so cute.


The Scotts said...

Well then I guess I'll have to put it u on our wall! You think I kid... :P

The Scotts said...

P.S. Free photo book here...just pay shipping!

The Scotts said...

Dang it I'll send it to your facebook