Monday, December 22, 2008

Not much is going on right now. We have a ton of snow but we have had freezing rain the last 2 days and so Sydney can't play in the snow because it is one solid piece of ice. She just jumps on it and pretty much ice skates across the front lawn. boo. I wanted to make a snowman.

Christmas will be fun this year. I got Mark a secret present. Each year I am only able to slip one present under his nose. He is sneaky. He does the checking accounts and bills so I have to figure out a way of purchasing something under the radar. He trys to figure out everything he gets for christmas. This year I have him stumped. I am so excited. It doesn't help that I am a horrible secret keeper. So if you have a secret....don't tell me. I could keep it if I knew it would hurt someone if it was told....but a present.....nope. Well this year I am doing great. Oh it is killing me not to tell him. But it has kept the excitement of christmas high at our house. Sydney loves to see him try to figure it out and has joined in on guessing.

Rowyn is getting big and growing into a lot of that baby fat. She is beautiful. She is like a little upchucking machine lately. I keep a bib on her daily. yuck. Oh well. She spit up at church yesterday and the young girl behind me, home for christmas from college, gagged. I just laughed and said, "makes you want to have kids right away doesn't it." She said "NO!!!"

I love my girls. They are such a slice of heaven. They really make my life so full of love and laughter. We were playing a guessing game in the car yesterday and we were saying, "I'm thinking of an animal....." Well Sydney said she wanted to do people. So she started with a friend of ours named Chad. She said, "I'm thinking of a guy with a face and a great big head....oh and a big tummy." Mark Said Chad!!! We really laughed.

Merry Christmas to everyone. We love you all so much

I am going to try fudge and caramels this season. I have never tried but I have to try sometime right?? Thanks to Monica for the recipe for caramel.



The Scotts said...

I am thinking of the cutest sleeping beauty ever to be kissed by my Owers....

Dean Family said...

So sweet- We love your family so much and miss you like crazy! Thanks for the good times!