Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So daughter Syd tells me that she has a sister missing from the dinner table. "What did you say" was my reply. She declared that she had another sister that needed to sit at the dinner table with us. That she was her very good friend. So Mark and I looked at each other and just smiled. Maybe....we will see. It always makes you rethink things when kids come up with stuff like that. It may not be anything at all but a few prayers and I think Mark and I will know how to feel about it. I wouldn't mind have one more. :) Kids are such a blessing.

New topic....I have a first birthday for Rowyn coming up in a few months and I am looking for ideas for a cake and or Party. Anyone got any good ones?? Let me know. I haven't even got a theme in mind so give me all your best ideas. The winner may get a prize. :)


Monica M said...

Do the sheep cake on family fun. I made it for Addison and it was so cute and easy.

Maybe you do need another little girl!!! We could be as my kids say, "twiners"

The Scotts said...

I absolutely love it! Kids are amazing!

Douglas Family said...

Found your blog from others in the ward. I have a birthday idea for you...for Claire's 1st birthday we did a polka dot party. It was very cute, and make cake decorating a breeze. I had her wear an outfit with polka dots too which turned out cute. Oh, and about another kid - I think you both are great parents, so another kid would be a super thing!