Monday, September 8, 2008

cut cutty cut

So I did get it cut. I used the picture I posted in my last post. It isn't exact, but no hair dresser is perfect. I really like it . It frames my face in and makes me look nice. I can just run my fingers through it and tada!!!! I havn't had my hair done in a long time. I have been pulling it up for about a year straight. So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that no one even noticed I got it cut, cause I always wear it up. I will post a picture soon so you can see it.

I love this blog thing. I love seeing what my old friends are up too. I love to see how blessed you all are. What a testimony that the Lord blesses us all and knows us so well. It is apparent that he is actively blessing each of us.

Love you guys.


Skinner Family said...

Getting your hair done makes you feel like a new woman! I think every time I was pregant I let my hair grow and then shortly afterwards, I cut it. With Hannah, I cut the day before I had it. (I was grateful because I liked my photos better!)

I love blogging too. It is great to see how everyone is doing. I'm trying to be a bit more brave about writing inspirational things.

Monica M said...

Come on, we want pictures.