Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pizza mmmmmm

So who likes Papa Murphy's Pizza????? Well I love it. Especially the gormet chicken one. Well here in the east they only have Papa Johns, which isn't anywhere near Papa Murphy's.... and no one in this part of the country does a chicken pizza like them. So....i went to good old copycat recipes and I made it myself. Oh man..... it was just like it. Sooo sooo sooo good. Mark and Sydney and I pigged out. Needless to say we will be makeing it again.

Here is the recipe... if you want it.

2 cups ranch dressing- (prefferably homemade with the hidden valley packets, with buttermilk)
1-2 tsp minced garlic. go by your taste. If you like it garlicy go with 2.
put this in a food processor and cream together. This is your sauce.

Then boil 1-2 chicken breast (depending on size of pizza) boil till the pink is almost gone. Then chop them up into little pieces.
Dice 1-2 tomatoes (again according to size of pizza)
Dice 2 sprigs of Green Onion.
Top the pizza with Sauce, then Mozzarella, then tomatoes and onions.
Cook in oven for about 20 minutes on 350.

I use the premade dough from the good old freezer department in Wal-Mart. Any dough will do.


PS. They also have a make it yourself Cafe rio Salad Dressing. So so so good.
I am drowning myself in saliva, so I have to go now.


Skinner Family said...

If there are other "boxable" foods I need to send you from the west, the deal is you have to send me foods from the east. Tastycakes... oh I so miss. Peanut Butter meltaways...

I have to still travel to get to a Papa Murphy's but I so know what you mean about the gourment pizzas. I will have to make it!

Monica M said...

We have a papa murphys really close and I go there almost once a week. We love any of the thin crust pizzas.

The Scotts said...

Ooo Ooo Ooo!! That is the ONLY thing that sounds good right now...but I don't have anything for it!! :(