Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Life seems so uneventful right now. There is so much happening but so little. Does that make sense. Mark has his last two weddings this month. And I have a new calling. I am the Relief Society Newletter Guru. I just finished up 5 years in the Primary Pres. I hardly know how to communicate with adults. It is nice to be back with the adults though. I do miss the funny things that kids say in Primary. And I miss that amazing spirit that dwells with them.

We are thinking of taking a fall foliage trip. We do this every year. Last year we went to Maine. It was so so beautiful. We went to the white mountains and visited so many light houses I lost track. So this year we want to go somewhere to take pics of the fall. New England is notorious for it's gorgious falls. We have narrowed it down to North Carolina, cause we have friends with a house there, or New Hampshire, cause we have friends with a house there. ;) Funny... you know you are broke when your vacations are limited to free lodging. Oh well.

Some day we hope to get to England where Mark's sister in-laws parents live. We really want to do a tour of Europe. I have a feeling the girls will be in College by then. Maybe the US dollar will be worth more than 23 cents then. Someday. I can wish...right. :)


The Scotts said...

I wanna come! I promise I won't puke in your hair